LLC "surface modification technologies" - address, phone numbers, description of the company.

We contribute to an embodiment of Industrial Policy of the Government of the Russian Federation, helping businesses to adopt modern technology of additive manufacturing and surface engineering, improve product competitiveness and production efficiency.

Discover our  achievements, expertise and products.


In our active dozens of successful engineering works on the introduction of new production technologies: import substitution using sputtered and the deposited coatings, replacement of expensive structural materials cheaper, reducing repair costs. We develop and implement not only the technology but also production lines, technological instructions and techniques of Quality Assurance.


Our team met experts whose combined experience in engineering more than 200 years. The joint work of designers, engineers, chemists, engineers and quality sufficient to give a complete solution for the customer.

Among our partners - leading Russian and foreign companies involved in additive manufacturing and production of coatings: plackart.com, tspc.ru, npozp.ru, kermetico.com.

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