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Engineering & development of 3D printing & coating technologies laser cladding plasma transfer arc Russia Tempo, Moscow, Russia.


Tempo is the engineering company specializing in new manufacturing technologies: additive manufacturing, laser cladding, plasma transfer arc, thermal spray coating. We help our clients in Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhctan to choose, develop and fine-tune world-class technologies, train people and audit processes.

To change our world to better by developing and implementing the best technologies.

Our team consists of the best professionals with the vast experience in the industry. Combined experience of our consultants in material sciences, additive manufacturing and surface coatings exceeds 100 years.

We welcome professional consultants with experience in additive manufacturing field to join our team. Please send your resume to dir[at]otempo.ru.


Our company joined the Russian technical committee for additive manufacturing standardization, TK-182.


Our specialists attended “Inside 3D printing” conference in Dusseldorf.


Our specialists attended 9th International Laser Symposium & International Symposium “Tailored joining” organized by the Fraunhofer institute in Dresden.


Our company joined Technet, Russian group to project “A factory of the future”.

Having our offices in Astrakhan and Moscow, Russia, we serve clients around Russia, Kazakhstan and Belorussia.

Please contact us by phone:

+7 963 054-83-89

Or write an e-mail: dir [at] otempo.ru


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