Surface engineering

Surface engineering with thermal spray coatings, laser cladding, plasma transfer arc, hardfacing, hardbanding, induction treatment in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belorussia.

Surface engineering is a set of technologies that allow altering the properties of the part surface to reduce the degradation over time. This is accomplished by making the surface robust to the environment in which it will be used.

Application development;

Material selection;

Independent coating evaluation;


We work with almost all types of materials, including metals, ceramics, cermets, polymers, and composites. We improve surface qualities with thermal spray coatings: HVOF (high velocity oxy fuel), HVAF (high velocity air fuel), air plasma spray, flame spray, detonation spray, arc wire, cold spray, laser cladding, laser hardening, plasma transfer arc (PTA), plasma hardening, slurry coatings.


Having mastered lots of different technologies, we always can choose the best one to fulfill your needs.

We helped a big industrial turbines producer to start implementation of thermally sprayed coatings in 2012. Now it produces most effective turbines with low cost of ownership, using several coating tecniques.

Laser hardfacing allowed a manufacturer from Bryansk to cut the cost of production of rotors three times below the original.

HVAF tungsten carbide coating of plungers for hydrofracking pumps works several times longer than surface hardening or spray&fuse.

We developed specialized training courses in Russian for technologists, technicians, and operators in thermal spray coatings, laser and plasma treatment. We employ university professors to make individual classes and cooperate with job shops for on-site practices.

Having our offices in Astrakhan and Moscow, Russia, we serve clients around Russia, Kazakhstan and Belorussia.

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